Troy Granite: Delaware’s Premium Destination for Home Renovations

A home is more than just a shelter; it’s a reflection of one’s aesthetic, tastes, and dreams. And when it comes to the heart of the home, the kitchen, there’s no compromise in achieving that dream. In Delaware and the surrounding regions of Cecil and Chester County, that dream often materializes through the mesmerizing surfaces of granite and quartz, and Troy Granite stands as the paragon in this realm.

Why Granite Countertops?

Granite, a natural stone that has graced Earth for millions of years, carries with it the weight of history, the richness of patterns, and a durability that is hard to rival. Every slab is like a unique piece of art, with no two countertops ever being exactly the same. In the world of kitchen renovations, granite countertops offer an elegant solution that combines both form and function.

At Troy Granite, the assortment is vast and diverse, echoing the rich tapestries of nature, ensuring homeowners can find a design that resonates with their vision. Whether it’s the dark mystique of the ‘Emerald Pearl’ or the serene beauty of the ‘White Springs’, there’s a granite surface waiting to redefine kitchens in Delaware and beyond.

The Rise of Quartz Surfaces

While granite offers an undeniably classic allure, quartz has steadily risen as a modern favorite for many homeowners. It’s a material that champions consistency, offering a seamless appearance without the natural variations of granite.

But that’s not the only merit. Quartz’s non-porous nature means that it remains largely stain-resistant, a boon for those who often engage in culinary adventures and want to ensure that their kitchen remains spotless. Troy Granite’s collection of quartz surfaces ranges from the monochrome brilliance of ‘Pure White’ to the nuanced patterns of ‘Calacatta Classique’, catering to a spectrum of preferences.

Affordability Meets Luxury: The $1499 Granite Countertops Special

One of the myths of home renovation is that quality often requires deep pockets. Troy Granite seeks to shatter this notion. Their $1499 Granite Countertops Special stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to bringing luxury to every home, irrespective of budget constraints. It’s a blend of affordability and opulence, ensuring every homeowner in Delaware, Cecil County, and Chester County can experience the magnificence of premium countertops without breaking the bank.

Beyond Surfaces: The Troy Granite Experience

But what truly sets Troy Granite apart is not just their products but the experience they offer. With years of serving the community, they understand the nuances of local architectural tastes, the changing trends, and, most importantly, the dreams of their customers.

From the moment you walk into their showroom to the final installation of your chosen surface, Troy Granite ensures a seamless experience. Their team, with its unparalleled expertise, guides homeowners at every step, ensuring that the final product not only matches but exceeds expectations.


A kitchen renovation can be both an exciting and daunting journey. It’s about piecing together a vision, about crafting a space that’s not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. In this endeavor, the countertops play a starring role, setting the tone and mood of the space. Whether you lean towards the timelessness of granite or the contemporary charm of quartz, Troy Granite in Delaware stands ready to make that dream a reality.

So, if you’re on the precipice of transforming your kitchen, make your way to Troy Granite. With their expansive collection, exciting offers, and a team that is committed to your dream, your ideal kitchen is just a stone’s throw away.